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Innovation has always played a role in the hotel and tourism business. Identifying trends is a must for active hoteliers determined in achieving long-term success vis-à-vis international competition. “World goes Mobile” is one of the most recent trends to have affected the hotel and resorts industry in a number of ways: Information can be accessed through mobile websites,

interactive hotel-apps can be downloaded onto smart phones, hotel staff can serve the client via mobile terminals, etc. Though these individual applications may prove to be helpful, they leave out the most important aspect, namely the creation of holistic interconnectivity. Creating a network by combining all the information, communication channels, operational controls, customer information, location, etc. immediately gives way to a tremendous added value for both the guest and the host with an even greater potential in the future.



...a guest being able to install your hotel-app, make his/her reservation indicating his/her preferences, while at the same time making prior reservations for the SPA and the tennis instructor, and taking advantage of your offer for a candlelight dinner for two on the first evening and to conclude the entire package by pressing the “order” button. Imagine a guest being able to read the room number on his app upon entering the hotel, his/her name and photo appearing on the receptionist’s display, the hotel-app’s telephone app being automatically configured to hook up with the in-house switchboard, the PMS having all the required customer data allowing printing of the document to be signed by the guest. Using the same hotel-app the guest can now make telephones and additional reservations, control room temperature, lighting and curtains, order and watch the latest videos, change TV channels and beam them all onto the large-format screen in the room. He/she can automatically receive information on SPA appointments, and, depending on location, call on information regarding an object in a showcase and order it – the possibilities are virtually inexhaustible.



This is precisely the direction the management of the renowned Dolder Grand in Zurich focused on and, together with CTModule AG, defined a new type of service based on CTModule’s proven Callisto-technology. In the meantime, CTModule’s new hospitality platform has already integrated and linked 5 different Dolder Grand systems in a first phase. As a result the CTModule hospitality platform has become the central and pivotal data point for all important data and information regarding hotel/guest interaction. Thanks to the interaction of the easy to handle CTModule frame application, “Callisto mobile”, functions and modules can now be activated in accordance with the requirements of the respective hotel on its own layout. The Dolder Grand solution, which is based on the Apple iOS operating system, currently comprises the following modules.


 Entertainment (TV control,

video-on-demand, radio, web)

• Telephone (in-house and outbound calls,

call log, direct dialing keys)

• Room control (light, air conditioning,

curtains, venetian blinds)

• Site information (art guide through

the hotel)

• Hotel directory (services with ordering


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Founded in 1997 and incorporated in Switzerland, CTModule AG specializes in communication and information technology and maintains a wide range of proven solutions in this field. The Company is focused on Enterprise Communication and Hospitality & Guest Service solutions. CTModule is a “Preferred Solutions Partner” of Cisco® Systems and a member of “Swiss Made Software”.

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