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Bye Cisco MediaSense, Hello Callisto VoiceRecording!

21 August 2020

At the beginning of 2017, Cisco announced the end-of-life of Cisco MediaSense from the end of October. CTModule is offering the most suitable alternative for MediaSense. The Callisto VoiceRecording module not only covers the core functions of Cisco MediaSense but also adds additional functionalities.

Callisto VoiceRecording integrates all state-of-the-art technologies used in the Cisco environment.

  • Cisco Built-in Bridge (BiB) recording
  • Recording-Bridge
  • Network-Based Recording (Cisco Voice Gateway forking)

Dedicated hardware and old resource devouring methods don’t only strain servers and rack space but also your budget. The Callisto platform is the most cost-effective platform out in the market. With over 50 different UCC additional applications, the Callisto offers you the most comprehensive range in the entire industry.

The globally unique concept for tailor-made applications allows you to import any modules at runtime, leading Callisto to be the most flexible, powerful, and future-proof UCC platform in the market.

But that’s not all: minimal resource requirements (2 GB RAM, 2 CPU, 10 GB HD), simple installation and management (all-in-one appliance: import Callisto image, open web browser, license, and start), paired with a transparent, fair price model enables a swift return on investment (ROI) in a few months. The open architecture of the Callisto platform (including web services), the individual and modular expandability, as well as the constant development of the product in close cooperation with our customers and partners guarantees investment protection.

Callisto VoiceRecording is the leading alternative to Cisco Mediasense.