Callisto for Integrators & Providers

Modular, all-in-one application platform to complement your end customer's UCC solutions

One application platform for all customer needs!

Find everything you need and more for your customers on a single, modular UCC application platform for all your UCC projects.
With over 50 different applications on one platform and the unique feature of uploading customized applications to the platform at runtime, you cover more than 85% of all customer requests with just one product. Save massively on costs across all your processes with Callisto now!

If you are a system integrator or service provider, this is the right place for you

Are you offering telephony infrastructure projects as a system integrator or a service provider for managed or cloud/hosted solutions?
In addition to the existing features, are your customers requesting additional functionalities, custom solutions or integrations into existing systems?
However, applications such as an operator solution, directory service, fax, call center, voice recording, or even an alarm solution or solutions for your verticals are still missing to make your customers happy, and at the same time, save you costs?

At CTModule, you are at the right place:
We deliver applications for vertical markets such as Enterprise, Cruise, Healthcare, Hotels, and more, which fits your customer’s needs and requirements. Alarm solutions, call center, fax, wake-up calls, or voice recording are just some of over 50 Modules available on one single UCC application platform: Callisto.

The unique all-in-one Callisto UCC application platform is suitable for every industry and scales from very small to very large. Flexible, modular, tailor-made, and of high quality; this system serves from micro-companies up to large corporations, like finance, industry, commerce, or tourism. Maximize your Projects or Managed, Cloud/Hosted-Solutions with Callisto!

Modularity at a glance

Smart architecture designed for service providers & integrators

Simple but powerful, modular but yet an entity, tailored but standard, flexible but a single entity, comprehensive but resource-saving – this is how the concept of the modern Callisto UCC application platform can be summarized.

Discover how many additional servers you can save with Callisto’s all-in-one approach. The number of applications on just one system makes your daily work much easier and saves you up to 50% in operating costs per customer.

Set up in just 1-4 hours your Callisto appliance in your virtual environment and you are ready to go with the basic modules. No further installation of any OS, databases or components: everything is already in Callisto. Each additional module is configured very simply and intuitively according to the same principle.

Select between a wide portfolio of off the shelf modules or request a tailor-made or customized application for a specific need which will be handled by the Open Application Manager, at runtime with no service interruption. Connect your Callisto Platform to any 3rd party Systems, IP PBX systems, Clients, and Provisioning systems. Unique and best-in-class architecture made by CTModule.

We have Partners with more than 25’000 users and customers with more than 25’000 daily calls on Callisto, confirm the performance of the platform. All that, at unbeatable low resource requirements: Up to almost 1000 simultaneous calls on one Callisto instance require just, 2-6 GB RAM, 2-8 CPUs and 80 GB HD.

This is why Callisto is the best choice for you


Over 50 UCC applications available on the Callisto Platform for any vertical market. The all-in-one approach helps end customers and partners to massively reduce the return on investment (ROI).


The ability to add, update, upgrade, or replace Modules or Applications at runtime with no service interruption, makes Callisto the world’s most flexible application platform for UCC solutions. Agile, future proof and secure with Callisto.


Callisto’s unique “Open Applications Management” concept enables customers to upload customized applications to the platform. Enterprises benefit from a fulfillment of their needs and System Integrators can serve customers individually.

Green IT

The Callisto platform can handle up to approx. 1,000 parallel calls with 2‑6 GB RAM, 2‑8 CPUs and 80 GB HD. Partners and end customers profit from a high performance at a lower resource usage, enabling environmental benefits.


Easy to install, configure, manage, use and maintain. Simplicity is a common thread throughout the whole Callisto system. Customers benefit from reduced overall product life cycle costs.


Flexibility in the selection of available modules and interoperability with various soft PBX systems. In addition to that, Callisto is suitable for on-site use, in various cloud or managed service models. We grow with your company.


High quality for products and services is in the DNA of our company. 98% of the installations are running error-free since several years, with more than 25,000 satisfied users and more than 15,000 flawless calls per day prove the stability of the Callisto platform. Customer satisfaction is our daily goal.

Problem Solver

The Callisto application platform has an answer to every UCC need in any vertical market. The variety of 50 applications, and the “OAM” concept for tailor-made applications, are providing a solution for every customer UCC problem.


We stand for professional service and best-in-class Support. Competent sales assistance, consulting, training, customer-specific developments and support, are the praised services by our customers. We have been a stable, reliable and professional partner for over 20 years.


We manage all your UCC challenges

You dream of knowing the right, tailor-made answer to every customer-specific UCC need and of becoming a beacon for competence and quality in the market as well as a customer magnet – not to mention all that while saving costs?

You lack the one best possible add-on UCC platform solution in terms of diversity, simplicity, cost efficiency, investment security, flexibility, and reliability to meet your customers’ various, individual, or specific UCC challenges?

Then you are exactly right with us!


With the broadest module portfolio

With over 50 different applications, the Callisto UCC application platform has more solutions than any other application suite. Integrators and Service Providers profit with Callisto from a cost-efficient solution in terms of:

  • Selection: no more time-consuming evaluations
  • Sourcing: short processes
  • Installation and configuration: same look-and-feel for all applications
  • Training: one employee training for all applications
  • Support: one support contact person
  • Further developments: a partner for every need, including customer-specific ones


Callisto: The new simplicity

Simplicity has accompanied the development of the Callisto UCC platform from the very beginning: simplicity of the product in installation, configuration, administration, use, and maintenance/support was the initial mandate to the development team. This means for all system integrators and service providers who choose Callisto that they save 10–20% in costs compared to conventional solutions because of:

  • Base installation: done in 1–2 hours
  • Configuration: thanks to its intuitive platform concept, every application looks exactly the same
  • Administration: displayed clearly and the same simple structure across all applications
  • Users: users find the same simple, intuitive structure across all applications
  • Maintenance: with the Callisto monitoring tools, the user-friendly backup & restore concept, and the drag-and-drop system for updates and upgrades
  • Support: provided by a single, professional, fast-acting support team


Accelerate your results…

As a System Integrator or Service Provider, you strive to offer the best customer service as well as to increase your ROI with faster deployment and reduction of products. With over 50 different applications and minimal resource requirements, Callisto offers a modular, all-in-one UCC application platform for all UCC cloud and on-premise projects. Designed for Enterprise Communications, Hospitality, Cruise, and Healthcare Solutions. Accelerate your results with:

  • one UCC platform for all customers and every market requirement. Cost reductions throughout the evaluation & procurement, or pre-sales, sales, and after-sales process
  • 2–6 GB RAM, 2–8 CPUs, and 80 GB HD for 60 to approx. 1,000 parallel calls lead to massive resources, savings in license and hardware costs compared to other competitors
  • customized solutions are installed on the Callisto platform without leaving the version path of the platform
  • Callisto serves a vast range of customer segments thanks to the diversity of applications, which massively reduces the costs per customer.

Investment protection

… and protect your investment

The investment of a system integrator, service provider, or end customer is protected due to the architecture of the Callisto platform, the open standards used, and the unlimited extensibility of the platform.

Even after years, modules can be licensed, or individual applications can be uploaded to the Callisto platform. The platform is uncompromisingly backward compatible and can be upgraded at any time by importing an update or upgrade file.


Flexibility to scale and grow with you

Benefit from the flexibility that Callisto brings to your company. Upload your selected applications to the platform from over 50 modules without interruption. Scale and expand them at any time whenever needed, and even import on request a customized or tailor-made application.

Additionally, experience the flexibility in terms of:

  • the variety of supported PBX infrastructures
  • support of a wide range of end devices and clients
  • possibility to connect numerous 3rd party and provisioning systems
  • breadth of deployment options in a wide range of markets

And last but not least, Callisto ensures full flexibility in the deployment process: On-prem, hosted, cloud, or UCaaS, all application scenarios are possible.

Swiss Quality

Reliability meets quality

Swiss quality throughout all CTModule processes. The quality of products and services is constantly optimized and maintained at the highest level. We are committed to your and your customers’ success.

Installations that have been running error-free for several years, installations with more than 25,000 satisfied users, and installations with more than 15,000 flawless calls per day prove the stability of the Callisto platform. As a result, our partners benefit from extremely high customer satisfaction.

Become CTModule partner now – The steps


We will match you with a program that fits your company’s goals and expertise and get you started as quickly as possible.


Build knowledge around our technology through product training and demos. Our team is available to answer your questions along the way.


That’s it. You are ready now. Start offering Callisto products and services to your customers and propel your business forward with this added value.


Based on our products and services, our continuous professional support, supporting webinars, and broad marketing activities, you will grow your business together with us.

Customer Voices

  • Chris Flowers
    Sr. Project Manager Professional Services

    NTT and CTModule’s teams have collaborated and continue to work
    with end-client Royal Caribbean to implement a Unified Communications solution onboard Royal Caribbean’s fleet of cruise ships. The teams worked together to successfully implement a Cisco Call Manager solution that integrates CTModule’s software onboard. Past and current successful projects include Royal Caribbean’s new-build ship implementations as well as older ships that require refurbishment and custom legacy integrations utilizing CTModule’s software. The solution scales from projects that have included 150 endpoint installations to larger ships with over 5,000 endpoints integrated.

  • Klaus Vollmer
    Director Maritime Solutions
    Lufthansa Industry Solutions

    We appreciate CTModule as a reliable and highly professional partner, with whom we have a very good cooperation for many years. CTModule convinces with its stable, innovative platform, which we have already implemented several times very successfully and to the highest satisfaction of our customers from the cruise industry. We are looking forward to continuing our proven cooperation in the years to come.

  • PG

    Paul Goldbeck
    Director IT / QM

    Callisto Cruise from CTModule is one of the most reliable systems on board. In the luxury segment of the EUROPA, not only the product, but also the support service has to be exceptional. This is 100% guaranteed with CTModule. As a Application Platform, Callisto Cruise takes over Communication and Guest Interaction tasks at EUROPA. In a partnership Hapag-Lloyd Cruises and CTModule, are constantly working on current topics and looking for new, innovative guest solutions and process simplifications. Overall, the use of Callisto Cruise at the EUROPA gives for Guests, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises and CTModule a WIN-WIN-WIN relationship.

  • PB

    Patrick Berg
    Strategic Partner Manager
    POST Luxembourg

    Working with CTModule allowed us to create unique selling points with respect to Cisco’s UCME solution. The rich feature set provided via Callisto Express made it easy for our customer to adhere to our services.
    All in all, working with a human-sized company enabled us to quickly react to market demands while being able to cope with all imaginable customer requirements. CT Module’s Callisto Express plays a major role in the successful proposal of our Managed Services portfolio.

  • CH

    Christian Heine
    Telekom Deutschland

    Our customers appreciate our UCC Premium offering with Callisto.
    All the functions they need are reliable and easy to use. New applications can be added automatically at any time from the large Callisto modules library. Security is very important to our customers. That’s why all components of the UCC Premium offering have been designed strictly in accordance with GDPR guidelines.

  • SB

    Stephan Biekötter
    Telekom Deutschland

    The Callisto applications work reliably and stable.
    Feature requests are developed, implemented and tested in close cooperation with CTModule. In addition to that, we very much appreciate the professional support which CTModule offers for us and our customers.

  • DW

    David Waltermann
    Telekom Deutschland

    Thanks to Callisto’s all-in-appliance concept, ease of installation, the
    platform’s minimal resource requirements, and DW’s intelligent update/upgrade method, our operations team is saving significant time and costs.

Technology made to impress

Modules/Applications Over 50 modules/applications available
Supported UC platforms Cisco UCME, Cisco BE6K/7K, Cisco UCM, Cisco HCS, Cisco Webex
Presence integration Cisco CUPS integration and Callisto Presence
Scalability Unlimited
User configuration Manually and automatically from CUCM via AXL (Microsoft AD, LDAP/OpenLDAP systems), CSV files, or provisioning systems (e.g., KURMI via web services)
High availability Yes, incl. disaster recovery
Resource requirement “Small”

Callisto Appliance “Small” (up to 60 parallel calls):

  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2 CPUs (approx. 2 GHz)
  • 80 GB hard disk space
  • 1 network connection
Resource requirement “Medium”

Callisto Appliance “Medium” (up to 240 parallel calls):

  • 4 GB RAM
  • 4 CPUs (approx. 2 GHz)
  • 80 GB hard disk space
  • 1 network connection
Resource requirement “Large”

Callisto Appliance “Large” (240 parallel calls or more):

  • 6 GB RAM
  • 8 CPUs (approx. 2 GHz)
  • 80 GB hard disk space
  • 1 network connection
  • max. 960 parallel calls per appliance
System messages E-Mail, SNMP, Syslog
Security HTTPS, Secure Syslog, Secure LDAP, Secure SIP (TLS, SRTP), integrated Firewall, Single Sign-On (SAML) supported.
External Privacy and Security Assessment successfully passed
Operating system Appliance, hardened operating system
Database All SQL databases are part of the platform
Virtualization Delivered as image (OVA), installation in VMware ESX(i) environment

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