Callisto Alarming Collection

The Alarming Collection for UCC Solutions

The Application Collection for Fast and Flexible Alarming

With the Callisto Alarming Collection, you can not only inform or alarm individuals and/or groups quickly, easily, and efficiently inform or alert individuals and/or groups, convene them for an operation, or request the evacuation of a building, you can also record technical alarms via ESPA and other protocols and alert them accordingly. The different modules of the Alarming Collection, combined with the open interface concept of the Callisto platform, open up complete flexibility for many requirements. In addition to authorities and organizations with emergency response scenarios, the Callisto alarming solution, with its easy-to-use user interface, offers a variety of possibilities for many different users in the fields of industry, commerce, hotel, trade, cruise shipping, etc.

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The Large Variety of Alarm Applications

The Callisto Alarming Collection offers a variety of modules that cover a wide range of alarming needs and scenarios. The various applications range from alarm buttons to alarm conferences to evacuation scenarios. The scope of alarm triggers, such as calls, HTML requests, sound levels, ESPA calls, etc., adds another dimension to the flexibility of using the Callisto Alarming Collection. Simple and modular, the Callisto Alarming Collection allows customers to build the right solution; tailored to their alarming needs.

Each module can be licensed individually and uploaded to the Callisto platform at runtime. Callisto has no limit on the number of modules or users and is, therefore, future and investment-proof. The platform is only limited by the number of simultaneously used lines on a system, which can be up to 960 lines per system.

Numerous Features for Various Scenarios

The Callisto module ProfAlarm already has extensive capabilities to support various alarm scenarios. Below are some examples of features and designs:

  • Flexible definition of alarm targets (individuals and groups)
  • Formation of alarm chains
  • Parallel emergency announcements to definable groups of terminals (multicast)
  • Initiate different announcements by calling defined numbers
  • Initiation and execution of announcements also from non-IP phones
  • Support of, e.g., Cisco Phone XML push messages for text alerting
  • Dynamic texts by recognizing the origin (e.g., “Emergency call: Room 1, Mrs. Miller”)
  • Triggering of silent alarms
  • Bidirectional communication possible (e.g., person search)
  • Active room monitoring and triggering of an alarm when a certain volume level is exceeded, possible through an active IP phone

Additional Features

The Callisto module ProfAlarm also supports many other features, such as:

  • Unlimited number of participants for the announcement of an emergency or disaster
  • Alarm confirmation of the participants also on mobile devices
  • Integration of field staff through mobile phone
  • Interruption or overlay of an ongoing telephone call for the signaling of a pending alarm (possible with Cisco phones)
  • Loudspeakers of IP phones can be used for announcements
  • Expandable with SIP-compatible loudspeakers (prerequisite: the devices must support automatic call acceptance)
  • If necessary: Direct multicast from Cisco phone to other Cisco phones configurable
  • Reporting: Clear logging of events
  • You can flexibly combine other Callisto modules and functions
  • Minimal use of network resources

Example 1: Alarm at the Push of a Button

Panic in public administration: A person is verbally threatened. The emergency teams immediately receive the incoming alarm on their terminals and can also acknowledge it depending on the configuration. Regardless of whether a small button under the desk or a giant red mushroom button is used, the alarm is recognized by Callisto when the button is pressed and triggered as a silent or loud alarm according to the specifications.


Example 2: Technical Alarm

An elevator door is blocked. Immediately, the elevator’s alarm transmitter reports the mishap to Callisto through the ESPA interface. Callisto sends the alarm as a sound and text message to the (mobile) telephones of the corresponding task forces.

Engineer checking fire alarm

Example 3: Evacuation

A fire has broken out in a building. Callisto receives the alarm information and activates the loudspeakers and telephones relevant in this zone via multi-cast depending on the fire zone. A manual, PIN-protected announcement for events that lead to an evacuation of buildings or subzones is also possible.

Example 4: Fire Patrol

A fire patrol regularly monitors a building or a ship. The tours, checkpoints, and the participants of the patrols can be defined in Callisto. From each checkpoint entered, the corresponding patrol must report in a particular time slot; otherwise, an alarm is triggered. You can consult a detailed report to evaluate the tours and alarms.

Example 5: Coordinating Task Forces

The company ambulance has an operation due to toxic gas. The responsible team is alerted through a defined Callisto number for this alarming case. To let the incident commander know who can participate in the operation, the individual members of the team confirm their participation or absence via (mobile) phone using key dialing. Afterward, the active members meet for short coordination via the Callisto alarm conference.

Example 6: Alarm System Integration

The customer has an existing alarm system that needs to work with a PBX. The primary alarm system is the Safety Monitoring and Control System (SMCS) on cruise ships. In order to be able to make escalations to telephones or mobile phones, the dedicated protocol from the corresponding SMCS has been integrated into the Callisto platform, which now handles the specific escalation scenarios via this interface.

This is why Callisto is the best choice for you


Over 50 UCC applications available on the Callisto Platform for any vertical market. The all-in-one approach helps end customers and partners to massively reduce the return on investment (ROI).


The ability to add, update, upgrade, or replace Modules or Applications at runtime with no service interruption, makes Callisto the world’s most flexible application platform for UCC solutions. Agile, future proof and secure with Callisto.


Callisto’s unique “Open Applications Management” concept enables customers to upload customized applications to the platform. Enterprises benefit from a fulfillment of their needs and System Integrators can serve customers individually.

Green IT

The Callisto platform can handle up to approx. 1,000 parallel calls with 2‑6 GB RAM, 2‑8 CPUs and 80 GB HD. Partners and end customers profit from a high performance at a lower resource usage, enabling environmental benefits.


Easy to install, configure, manage, use and maintain. Simplicity is a common thread throughout the whole Callisto system. Customers benefit from reduced overall product life cycle costs.


Flexibility in the selection of available modules and interoperability with various soft PBX systems. In addition to that, Callisto is suitable for on-site use, in various cloud or managed service models. We grow with your company.


High quality for products and services is in the DNA of our company. 98% of the installations are running error-free since several years, with more than 25,000 satisfied users and more than 15,000 flawless calls per day prove the stability of the Callisto platform. Customer satisfaction is our daily goal.

Problem Solver

The Callisto application platform has an answer to every UCC need in any vertical market. The variety of 50 applications, and the “OAM” concept for tailor-made applications, are providing a solution for every customer UCC problem.


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