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Remote­Reception: Contactless personalized video-based communication

17 March 2021

Face-to-Face interaction has become a seldom experience. Many businesses in various industries are taking faster steps towards contactless technology. It safeguards not only the workplace, employees, and customers but also improves the process, efficiency, and use of resources. Yet, most of the contactless and touchless solutions in hospitality are at the expense of the personal relation to the guest.

Our Callisto Module RemoteReception is dedicated to real-time, face-to-face interactions between guests and receptionists using advanced visual, audio, and collaboration technologies.

Callisto RemoteReception integrates all state-of-the-art technologies used in the Cisco environment. Guests are connected via video and audio to the receptionist with a simple touch. The receptionist can see which language the guests have chosen and can greet them accordingly.

While your employees are less exposed to the risk of unwanted infections, the guests can enjoy the thrill of state-of-art technology and welcome contactless tech in their hospitality experience – be it in a hotel, hospital, or on board a ship.

The RemoteReception Module is part of CTModule’s Callisto platform, the most flexible, powerful, and future-proof UCC multi-talent for your specific needs around your Cisco telephony infrastructure.