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Callisto Module Store – more UCC applications than anywhere else

The Largest Module Store for UCC Applications

Callisto is suitable for every industry and scales from small to large. Flexible, modular, tailor-made, and qualitative; this system serves micro-companies up to large corporations, like finance, industry, retail, or tourism.

Whatever requirements you and your customers have, you'll find it below in our Module Store, the world's most extensive UCC application offering.

This is why Callisto is the best choice for you


Over 50 UCC applications available on the Callisto Platform for any vertical market. The all-in-one approach helps end customers and partners to massively reduce the return on investment (ROI).


The ability to add, update, upgrade, or replace Modules or Applications at runtime with no service interruption, makes Callisto the world’s most flexible application platform for UCC solutions. Agile, future proof and secure with Callisto.


Callisto’s unique “Open Applications Management” concept enables customers to upload customized applications to the platform. Enterprises benefit from a fulfillment of their needs and System Integrators can serve customers individually.

Green IT

The Callisto platform can handle up to approx. 1,000 parallel calls with 2‑6 GB RAM, 2‑8 CPUs and 80 GB HD. Partners and end customers profit from a high performance at a lower resource usage, enabling environmental benefits.


Easy to install, configure, manage, use and maintain. Simplicity is a common thread throughout the whole Callisto system. Customers benefit from reduced overall product life cycle costs.


Flexibility in the selection of available modules and interoperability with various soft PBX systems. In addition to that, Callisto is suitable for on-site use, in various cloud or managed service models. We grow with your company.


High quality for products and services is in the DNA of our company. 98% of the installations are running error-free since several years, with more than 25,000 satisfied users and more than 15,000 flawless calls per day prove the stability of the Callisto platform. Customer satisfaction is our daily goal.

Problem Solver

The Callisto application platform has an answer to every UCC need in any vertical market. The variety of 50 applications, and the “OAM” concept for tailor-made applications, are providing a solution for every customer UCC problem.


We stand for professional service and best-in-class Support. Competent sales assistance, consulting, training, customer-specific developments and support, are the praised services by our customers. We have been a stable, reliable and professional partner for over 20 years.

Let’s take the next steps…

You are only 6 steps away from using your selected modules or collection from the Module Store:

  1. Fill out the Callisto order form or send an order to
  2. Your order will be confirmed within max. 2 working days
  3. Download the provided Callisto image (OVA) and install it on the virtual customer environment according to the Callisto deployment guide
  4. Proceed step by step according to the Callisto installation manual. At the point “Licenses,” send the Callisto start code to us indicating the order number.
  5. You will receive the requested license by email in max. 2 working days.
  6. Install the license according to the installation manual and follow the instructions in the Callisto administration manual.

There Are No Callisto Modules or Collections to Fit Your Needs?

You were not successful with your search in the Callisto Module Store? No problem! We are happy to help. With our development system, CTMaker®, we quickly implement new requirements – a new module, module extension, or a customer-specific application. We deliver the missing piece that makes you gain a competitive advantage; see what’s possible:

  1. Specify the needed requirement and send it to
  2. We will contact you asap for detailed clarifications or queries
  3. After max. 5 working days, you will receive an offer from us
  4. Within a short time, you will receive the requested application, which can be uploaded to the Callisto platform without service interruption and configured with the same look & feel.
  5. After acceptance by the partner and the customer, the application goes live at the customer’s site

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